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Welcome to Canine & Company

We are a couple working together which means when you contact us you are hiring only us (not a Franchising) with 20 years of experience working with dogs from obedience training to behavioral modifications. We are number one in training your dog to become a polite family
member because that is what your dog should be.
We are affiliated with APDT and we are recommended by the best vets, so if you are looking for a dog trainer in Palm Beach County dont just get a basic one. Experience and results are everything in dog training/behavior modification and that is the reason we show you results from the first day we meet and we warranty our job. You will learn to communicate with your dog in the way they understand without treats, pain and without any special harness. JUST PRAISE! You can now see the full potential and qualities of your dog. It won't matter if you have a puppy or adult or if they came from a shelter or breeder. Quality and lasting results always

It is time to give your buddy a chance to show you all they can be!

Call Or Text 561 225 8481 For a Free evaluation


Enhances the relationship between you and your dog
Effective dog training that works when you really need it
Enjoy your dog at the park, while going for a walk, in the car and at home.
Learn how to handle problem behaviors with positive, lasting results
Shy and fearful dogs learn to become confident
Out of control dogs learn to behave and calm themselves
Experience immediate and clear results
Enjoy your dog working with self confidence self control and a happy attitude

If you think it is time for some changes then you have found yourself in the right place. Here at Canine & Company Dog Training, we know that owners are the most proud, and much happier when their dogs are well mannered & obedient. We are here to work one-on-one with you to create a stronger bond with you and your furry family member. Rather than creating fear and pain or bribe with treats, our training methods build confidence and pride in our four legged students giving you the results you have always wanted.

We will suprise you how easy and fast your dog will reach your goals !

Different programs to fit everyones lifestyle! (check here)

(All of our training programs includes behavioral issues)

 We also cover management which has to do with the owner’s care and housing of the dog. Proper fencing and enclosures, feeding, grooming, and health care are all covered. Each client’s lifestyle and home is different, so management issues are customized for each client.

We offer door to door dog training which makes learning and teaching your pet an easier and more comfortable process. It´s easy and it works!

Dog Trainer in all areas of Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Tequesta, Wellington and more..

Sami "SIT"
Sami Playing Piano
Bentley "SIT"
Harley "The Terrible"
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